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Translated by Tereza Štréglová.

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The lord of the world (the first pictorial reconstructional project of Antropark, 1998)

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 solutrean    (22 000-17 000 let)




During the time of the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) in Europe 21,000 years ago, the integrated way of life was disrupted. The Gravettien culture persisted in the Middle Europe and further eastward, in the West Europe two new cultures originated, specialized on the hunt of ungulates. The Magdalenian culture expanded, where the Solutrean culture stayed connected with the area of Pyrenees and today´s Portugal.




In the displaying of the figures, the painters put the accent on the size of the body, whereas the legs are lighten and nearly disappear. Some works represent scenes from the ordinary life (the Kosker cave). We know both cave paintings and cave reliefs. This culture bears the characters of West Europe tradition of cave paintings, which was interconnected with similar mythology. 



Dominant, large-surfaced manufactured projectiles of the shape of large and wide laurel leaf were typical for this art tradition.


The archaeological-technological structuring distinguishes three phases of manufacturing the projectile points:

1) The oldest phase – striking the flakes from the core from only one side

2) In the next phase, the core was striked from both sides

3) The earliest phase; the projectiles were smaller and had a score on it´s side


In the craft and in the structure

we have documented the first bone sewing needles and spear-throwers (atlatls).



The reconstructional transformation represents several possibilities of manufacturing the projectile points for different tools like knife or spear. The second picture from the right shows the tool hilt found in the Pekárna in Moravia cave. Because the projectile was very fragile, large and thin, we could say that it is a knife, which had been enseheathed in the case. The prestige and appearance of the tool probably gained more importance and the higher possibilitie of destroying the gun must have been compensated. 


waiting for translation   Důležitým nálezem byla kostěná špice háčku vrhače. Na rozdíl od magdalénských vrhačů nebyla zdobená navýšenou skulpturou. Nicméně byla konstrukčně správná, řemeslně dobře zpracovaná a plně funkční. Kdybychom chtěli spekulovat, vizuální a uměleckou prestiž zde měly spíše právě charakteristické silicitové hroty.


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The lord of the world (the first pictorial reconstructional project of Antropark, 1998)

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